Cup flew to Russia

The 2017 EMF Euro Cup had all of the excitement and drama that the organizers wanted. The host team Czech Republic made it to the finals after a loss to Hungary to start the tournament, and was facing a global power in Russia.

The Czech Republic started the scoring in the first half at the 16 minute mark. They scored on a beautiful free kick outside of the box, and electrified the crowd chanting "Cheshie." The teams went into the locker rooms at the half with the score remaining 1-0 in favor of the Czech Republic. 
The Russians wasted no time in the second half scoring an early equalizing goal that silenced the crowd. The Russians had the best chance to win in regulation missing a penalty kick. The teams battled the rest of the second half, and neither managed a game winning goal. Russia would go on and win the championship 3-2 in penalty kicks, disappointing the enthusiastic Czech fans, and joined past champions: Romania 2011, 12, 13, 14, and 15, Kazakhstan 2016, and now Russia in 2017. 
The event was a complete success drawing over 30,000 spectators to watch the matches over the week in a beautifully constructed 4,000 seat MiniFootball stadium. The EMF Facebook added an additional 5,000 fans, and the website attracted 50,000 unique users. Twenty four countries, and over 400 athletes competed in the event. Congratulations to Russia, and the EMF Euro.

Last Saturday, June 17th in Brno, Czech Republic, Russia defeated the owners of the house on penalties in an electrifying game. The Czech Republic team started the game better and managed to change the score by scoring the first goal of the match. With 16 minutes played, In a rehearsed play, originating in a fault near the area, the team found the lead with a beautiful goal. At this moment the stadium, crowded, came down and had a great party. But the same did not happen during the second half, when the Russian team came back different and soon in the beginning, left everything equal, marking a beautiful goal for his country. With the draw, the Russians grew up and sought the result all the time. That was when they had the chance to settle the victory, taking a penalty kick in their favor. During the penalty shot wasted, the stadium, with the majority of fans, czechs, came down once more.It was everything the householders needed to gain strength and try to win. But not enough, the penalty shootout turned out to be imminent. On penalties, Russia will be able to win (2-3), in an unprecedented way, the 7th Euro EMF.
The final between the Czech Republic and Russia, also unprecedented, and Hungary's victory against the 5-time champion Romania, also on penalties (3-2), shows the growth of our sport in all areas. Now as the third country to win, Russia joins the select group of winners of the Euro EMF, joining Romania (11,12,13,14 and 15) and Kazakhstan (16).
With 24 countries, the event, which began on the 6th of this month, has ended and has already missed the hearts of thousands of people who were present at the stadium and more than 400 athletes who participated in the games.

The European Minifootball Championship 2017 had the highest attendance in the history of this championship. In nine days the stadium attracted nearly 30,000 people. EMF has raised the number of its followers on Facebook by almost than 5,000 people. The EMF EURO website has visited nearly 50,000 unique visitors. Congratulations!

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